Anybody who has a fitness goal would benefit from hiring a personal trainer.

No doubt if you’re a member of the Kingsbury Club you understand the value of exercise in your life. The question is, does the time you spend exercising provide you with all the benefits it could? Perhaps you joined the club to play tennis (for physical and/or social reasons); maybe you want to lose weight or look better; others may want to feel better, sleep better, or relieve stress. We all know the positive effects of exercise are many and wide ranging. But are you experiencing these benefits personally? Are you reaching all of your fitness goals?

Hiring a personal trainer would help maximize all that you could get out of the time you spend exercising. One reason why you’re likely to see more results when working with a trainer is because chances are you’d do a lot more exercise than you would on your own. Let’s face it—it’s human nature…even the most disciplined, professional athletes wouldn’t choose to do as much on their own as they do when working with a trainer. And almost all do work with a trainer.

A trainer can get you out of your comfort zone. Do you always do the same exercises? Have you stopped seeing results? Trainers not only motivate you to do more work but they have an arsenal of various exercises to choose from. Variety can keep things interesting, it can decrease your chance of an overuse injury, and variety causes your body to respond to different challenges by getting stronger, leaner, more fit. The point is, any time you get out of your comfort zone, you usually improve or become better.

Safety is another consideration. As beneficial as exercise is, unfortunately if you do it incorrectly you can get injured. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if your form is correct when you’re working out on your own. Trainers not only can teach how to properly do an exercise but they can also make corrections if they see you doing something incorrectly. If you already have an injury or a physical limitation, they can modify your workout, assist you with post-rehab exercises, and decrease your chances of future injuries.

Maybe you’re training for a specific sport or event. Trainers are educated so that they can design a program to meet your individual needs. You may end up doing super-sets, circuit training, working on flexibility and balance, or learning the latest and best core exercises—whatever it takes to reach your personal goals.

Motivation is another benefit of working with a trainer. Sometimes just making that commitment to meet with your trainer at the appointed time can get you into the club on a day when you might not feel like going. And consistency regarding your workout frequency is one of the most important factors to affect your fitness level. A trainer can also make your workout fun (well, relatively speaking; you are still working hard after all) and give you positive feedback for your hard effort. Trainers tend to be passionate and enthusiastic about exercise and this can be very motivating for you. And there’s probably nothing as motivating as seeing results…the expected ones like losing weight, looking better, and feeling better. And perhaps even a few unexpected ones like performing better in all areas of your life; like being better able to pick up your toddler, swinging a golf club more powerfully, improving your endurance and lateral movement for tennis, and feeling more confident in everything you do. Hiring a trainer is like making an investment in yourself…an investment that produces great returns!