If you’ve recently purchased or been given a fitness tracker you may notice it encourages you to take 10,000 steps for the day but have you ever asked yourself why?

It appears to date back to the 1960’s when the first pedometers appeared in Japan, suggesting people reach a goal of 10,000 steps per day for health.

This however was never based on anything scientific. In fact most health, fitness, and medical professionals will tell you to reach for beyond 10,000 steps – the more the better. But if 10,000 is still too lofty of a goal for you then shoot for what you can do. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommend 7,000 – 8,000 steps per day. On record the average American takes 5,900 and if you plan out a brisk 30 minute walk in your day you should get to just over 8,000 steps.
So set achievable goals that work for you and build up. The whole idea is to get up and keep moving.